It’s awkward when…

It’s awkward when a friend asks me to lend them some money. I mean, I know, nobody would be borrowing money unless they really need it. At least in my circle of friends, I believe they do.

It’s awkward because they don’t beat around the bush, out of the blue, they just text you and say, “Hey TM, do you have some spare cash that you can lend to me?”. Then they tell you how much they need. And that they’ll pay you back at a certain date, usually by their next paycheck.

And what can I say? They are my friends, they need cash, and while I’m not rich, I can spare a couple of hundred for a friend in need. This particular friend was unemployed for sometime and was just getting a new job. So I just replied, “OK”. And I transferred the money there and then. Then they reply, “Thanks, I owe you one. I’ll pay back at the end of the month”.

“Sure, no problem. I’m sure you’d do the same for me”, is what I say.

And the conversation ends, just like that.

It doesn’t happen once, but a few times. It’s just awkward, I don’t know what else to say. But I have asked for my money back because it’s been 5 months since. It’s not so much that I NEED it back, it’s more of a matter of trust. If they can’t pay me back now, just tell me instead of keeping quiet about it.

I have yet to get it back. Ugh, so awkward.


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