Fresh TV: Reimi Urara & Hoshino Anri

Now that I have more time to do the things that I want, which is more Japanese and more Takarazuka, I watched the Takarazuka “Futari OG Kai” on Fresh TV. To be able to watch the whole live streaming, you will need to be a paid member of the website, it costs 360 yen/month. Otherwise it will cut you off after the first five minutes or so. However, I think you are able to watch the whole show once the live streaming is over but for a limited time only.

Yuuri looking so damn excited

This time it was Reimi Urara (former Soragumi member) and Hoshino Anri (former Yukigumi member), they are both from the 95th class so they were pretty much able to talk casually with one another. Just note that Urara’s nickname is Yuuri and Anri is Hiroko. There were tons of comments about how beautiful Yuuri is (I was one of them, I’d have to admit!).

Here’s some highlights:

In terms of choice of clothing/fashion, what changed from the time they were in Takarazuka and after graduation – Hiroko probably uses more monotone coloured clothes, more adult-like and she also cut her hair very short. Yuuri used to wear one-pieced dresses back then but now she goes for different top and skirts, that she can mix and match at the store.

I guess since they are musumeyakus, they wouldn’t have much changes as you would see for otokoyaku, obviously.

Takarazuka memories

Hiroko is from Fukuoka, so she had a bit of trouble trying to not let her Hakata dialect out, especially because the dialect would have a different intonation than standard Japanese. When she speaks casually with friends or classmates, it would appear unintentionally (she slipped once here lol). Both of them scribbled the correct intonation of their lines in the script. Hiroko would double check with Tsukishiro Kanato and Yuuri would check with Asao Ren on the proper intonation.

Next, when they were ken-2, they decided to take the Hankyu train and stopped at any station they felt like, and it was the Nagaoka Tenjin station in Kyoto.

In their first year at the school, they used to braid each other’s hair in the early morning. And they were also assigned to clean the same area of the school.

Simple Hairstyles Challenge

They both had to show how they style their hairs live on-air.

This is Yuuri’s simple hairstyle
Hiroko has short hair and this looks great

A person I look up to 

Hiroko said Audrey Hepburn because of the class and style that she has. They would also study her mannerisms from the movies and try to use it in their roles. Yuuri has a lot of people that she looks up to but naming one would be Hanafusa Mari, the embodiment of a Takarazuka musumeyaku.

Changes post-graduation

Yuuri was so busy when she was in Takarazuka and now that she has more time, she has started to cook. Just simple stuff as a start like soups and nikujaga. She would look up the recipes online. I and several others asked what her best dish is and she said hamburger

Hiroko talks about going on trips to different parts of the country either for work or leisure. When asked if she has gone on solo trips, she said she has been to Ishigaki on her own when she was still in Takarazuka.

Beauty Tips that they learned in Takarazuka

They learned a lot, particularly about wigs as musumeyakus wear it a lot. Yuuri is a tall musumeyaku so she had to style her hair down while Hiroko had to style it up to balance out the height difference.

Some products that they use:

Both use Shu Uemura cleansing oil (expensive stuff!). Yuuri uses Jo Malone’s Basil and Neroli fragrance and Hiroko uses Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt (still expensive, but okay).

Finishing up

And that was that! Yuuri promotes her new upcoming appearance in a stage play with Ouki Kaname in February. Apparently there will be a live stream on Nico Live with Ouki Kaname and Reimi Urara on 23 Jan 2018 at 9.00pm.


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