Job Interview

So things at work have not been going so well, and it’s not just because of my boss. I find myself becoming very disinterested in what I’m doing, I dread waking up to go to work, I make silly mistakes that could very well be avoided if I was more engaged.

I did try to talk to my boss about it, but it doesn’t work. So after 8 months of reporting to her, seeing my work-life balance and even productivity deteriorating, I’ve decided to look for another job.

Within days, the new company called me for an interview. Initially, it was supposed to be held at their office but on the day itself, the formal interview turned into an interview at the coffee shop. Instead of being interviewed by a bunch of people, doing tests etc. I met with the person who would be my supervisor, I guess.

So we sat down and talked for over an hour. She was just trying to set things clear about her expectations and the expectations of the client because working in a consulting firm will be different from working for a corporation. The only thing that I found daunting about this was that I would be working alone. I think it went quite well, I talked about my experience, showed samples of my work and asked plenty of relevant questions.

Then she asked me, “Are you willing to take up this challenge?”. I said yes. And now I have a second interview coming up which would consist of me doing a case study, and presenting to the senior partners.

Wish me luck!